Metallurgical Testing Services

Our Metallurgical Division offers the Mining Industry a full range of services from bench scale testing to continuous pilot plant operation. We offer a complete metallurgical testing investigative package from the early exploration phase through scoping, pre-feasibility and feasibility to process development for flowsheet design and bankable feasibility.


Mineral Processing

Mineral Processing

Our Mineral Processing Laboratories are fully equipped to perform all metallurgical investigations required for ore evaluation and mill design. Testing services include:


  • Crushing
  • Grinding
  • Bond Rod & Ball Mill Work Index
  • Abrasion Index
  • Size Classification & Screening
  • Starkey SAG Design Test

  • Batch flotation tests
  • Locked cycle tests
  • Column flotation
  • Special gas media flotation
  • Reverse & flash flotation
  • Agglomeration flotation
Magnetic Separation (wet & dry, variable intensity)

  • Drum separator
  • Belt separator
  • High gradient separator
Gravity Concentration

  • Jigs
  • Shaking tables
  • Elutriation
  • Spirals
  • Cone
  • Heavy media cones
  • Centrifugal heavy media separation
  • Centrifugal concentrators (Falcon and Knelson)
  • Mozley Separator
Solid-Liquid Separation

  • Standard thickening procedures
  • Differential settling
  • Vacuum & pressure filtration




As a continuation of the mineral processing, circuit design and permitting sequence, Inspectorate conducts a number of ore, tailings and waste related environmental tests, including the follows:

  •  ARD static and kinetic testing
  •  Acid-Base accounting
  •  High density sludge evaluation
  •  Cyanide regeneration and/or destruction
  •  Humidity cell tests



We have extensive laboratory facilities to conduct a wide range of hydrometallurgical and bio-hydrometallurgical studies. These include the full scale up from individual batch tests through continuous bench tests to commercial sized pilot plant reactors. The testing capabilities include:

  • Cyanidation studies (Merrill Crowe, CIP and CIL procedures)
  • Pressure leaching
  • Bottle roll and tank leaching
  • Counter current closed circuit tank leaching
  • Column leaching up to one meter diameter (4 tonnes)
  • Diagnostic / sequential leaching
  • Solvent extraction
  • Ion exchange
  • Electrowinning
  • Differential precipitation
  • Bio-oxidation of refractory gold ores and concentrates
  • Biological leaching of base metal ores and concentrates
  • Biological heap leach simulation
  • Cyanide and ammonia detoxification
  • Standard electrowinning technology
  • Galvanox copper recovery process


Bankable Feasibilities

Inspectorate is well recognized in the mining industry for value-added input and quality work. The Metallurgical Division is fully qualified to complete “bankability” testing and mill design. Over the past 19 years, our firm has provided this level of service to most of the major engineering firms working within the mining industry. Our independence, reliability and accountability has been firmly established.


Pilot Plant

A complete ore treatment pilot plant, can be assembled for any circuit combination, from crushing through to final product with throughput ranging from 1 to 5 tonnes per day, depending on ore hardness.

met assaying

Metallurgical Assaying

The Metallurgical Division now has a completely independent assay laboratory dedicated to the specialized analytical and rapid turnaround requirements of the testing laboratory. Analytical services provided include: fire assay, ICP, AA, classical wet assays, XRF, speciation packages, and environmental analysis.


Mineralogical studies are critical to the successful processing of ores. We offer a full range of packages including QEMScan, bulk mineralogical analysis (BMA), particle mineralogical analysis (PMA), modal analysis and conventional optical mineralogy.

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