Important Notice: Laboratory Package Code Changes

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February 15, 2014

Notice to our Clients

Change to Package Codes:

During the last year Acme Labs, BV Inspectorate and Bureau Veritas Minerals have been completing integration of their laboratories onto the Global AcmeLIMS (Laboratory Information Management System). Effective March 1st we will be completing phase 2 of our integration ensuring that analytical packages are coded to align all three businesses within the Bureau Veritas Upsteam Minerals (VUM) Division.

Effective March 1st all BV Upstream Minerals labs will be implementing a new coding system for all analytical packages. The table below shows some of the more popular code comparisons. We believe the coding system will be easier to use and understand than those in the past and will allow you to quickly indicate what analysis is required. The codes were designed to communicate the type of digestion, instrumentation finish and in some cases the analytical weight or dilution factor.
For example:
FA130 – FA = fire assay, 100 = MS analysis, 30g change weight.
LF700 – LF = lithium fusion, 700=XRF analysis

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While we hope the impact of this change will be minimal we do recognize that those clients with databases and automatic importers may experience some import issues. Should you experience such an issue please feel free to contact your account representative or our client services group. Historic coding systems on electronic data files will be available by requesting “legacy codes” although we do encourage all clients to work towards incorporating the new structure.

For a complete listing of all new codes please see the latest copy of our price brochure. If you have any questions, concerns or need assistance picking the best analytical packages for your sample please feel free to contact your local business development or client services representative.

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