Important Notice Regarding Fire Assay Reporting Changes

During the last 2 years Acme has completed integration of its methods into the new LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System).  From this LIMS Acme has gained considerable flexibility over reporting of results which was not previously available.  Current reports now report both the element and the method of analysis over every column and client specific data file formats are easily created to allow easy importing into databases.

Over the last few months we’ve received many comments regarding the reporting of fire assay results.  In the past all fire assay results were lumped under the code G6 making it difficult to distinguish results if ICP and Gravimetric results were reported together or if samples were run with both 30g and 50g charge weights on the same certificate.

Effective immediately Acme will be implementing new coding to help make this distinction.  The table below indicates the codes that will now appear.

Code Method of Analysis  
G6 Instrumentation (AA or ICP) 30g FA  
G6-50 Instrument Finish 50g FA  
G6Gr Gravimetric 30g FA  
G6Gr-50 Gravimetric 50g FA  
G6.ME Metallic Fire Assay Scheme Plus Fraction Analysis  
  G6.1 1st Additional minus fraction scheme
  G6.2 2nd Additional minus fraction scheme
  G6.3 3rd Additional minus fraction scheme

While we hope that impact of this change will be minimal we do recognize that those clients with databases and automatic importers may experience some import issues.  Should you experience such an issue please feel free to contact client services (

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