President’s Message to Our Clients

February 23rd, 2012

To all our valued customers;

On Sunday February 19, 2012, at the AcmeLabs shareholders meeting, 131 employee shareholders and one founding shareholder (Mr. Dean Toye) voted unanimously to accept the purchase offer of Bureau Veritas.

Today (February 23, 2012), Bureau Veritas (BV) has announced the purchase of AcmeLabs.

Over the past several years AcmeLabs has had many suitors, so why Bureau Veritas? There are several key reasons beyond price, that the Acme shareholders believe were important in this decision;

  • The AcmeLabs name will remain in place for at least several years;
  • The AcmeLabs management and employees will remain;
  • AcmeLabs operations will continue as is, but with further investment and new locations;

However, in addition;

  • AcmeLabs senior management will take on senior roles within the BV Minerals division;
  • AcmeLabs analytical product line will be expanded and offered on a truly global basis;
  • BV is committed to large additional investments in AcmeLabs. This investment and growth would not be possible otherwise;

It became clear as we negotiated with Bureau Veritas management, that they understood the uniqueness of AcmeLabs.  It is this unique approach to personal service, the value of customers and employees, and the personal involvement of senior management that BV wants to capture and expand upon. Bureau Veritas believes as we do, that this is a superior business model.

This does open a new chapter for AcmeLabs, but an even more exciting and vibrant one where you can be sure that we are still here working to provide the best service and the best analytical products in our industry.

Our careers have been spent building many personal relationships and we value these relationships greatly. I assure you, we are thinking about you, our customers in this process. Please come by our booth at the PDAC in Toronto. We will be happy to discuss our plans further.



George Cartwright
President, AcmeLabs

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