New Sample Prep Lab in Medellin, Colombia

March 15th, 2010

Our Medellin lab will serve our clients in Colombia. We will be providing preparation of rock, core and soil samples and then shipping via air freight to our Santiago and Vancouver labs for analysis. With this location we will be better able to serve our clients with increased capacity and faster turnaround.

Regional Manager

Gustavo Canizales joined Acme Labs in 2009, following a career of over 12 years in Mexico and Peru in the Metallurgical and Minerals Analysis businesses.
He graduated as a Chemical Engineer from the University of Sonora in Mexico. Gustavo is looking forward to working with our clients to develop Colombia’s full exploration potential. Give him a call to discuss how AcmeLabs can best serve your needs.

AcmeLabs is pleased to announce the opening of its new, expanded sample preparation laboratory in Medellin, Colombia. The lab was previously located at Bogotá. The new facility has extra drying and crushing capacity to meet the needs of this growing market. It will provide end to end sample tracking using our Acme Access system. We will also be using our ISO:9001:2008 Standard Operating Procedures. Please contact our local manager for further details.

Cl. 79 Sur No. 47D-24, Sabaneta
Medellín, Antioquia
Tel: +57 4 301 9941

Acme Labs uses state of the art engineering to construct the best possible sample preparation dust control system in the industry. Acme Labs has been designing and improving upon dust control systems for three decades and the AcmeDCU is the result of this long history of improvement. The AcmeDCU provides a unique design that accomplishes the following;

  1. Enhances the safety of the worker by greatly reducing exposure to dust and noise
  2. Provides good ergonomics for the worker to reduce injuries and improve productivity
  3. Ensures excellent dust control to minimize cross contamination and dust exposure between samples
  4. Minimizes impact on the environment by consuming less energy and requiring less maintenance

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