President’s Message Oct 2009

October 21st, 2009

Acme Laboratories has a long history of serving mining and exploration customers. Over this history Acme has built a reputation for excellent value. This has been achieved by delivering a combination of excellent data and low cost that our competitors are continuously pursuing. How has Acme done this? Through a long history of innovation, automation and the right people. This combination is difficult for any company to achieve, but Acme has been doing this for over three decades.

Acme has grown into a multinational laboratory service company and we have responded aggressively over the last several years to add the underlying building blocks into our business to help us manage our growth and more importantly, continue to exceed our customers expectations. Two of these additions are AcmeAccess and CARECOMMITMENTPERFORMANCE.  These represent large investments into Acme’s future growth and greatly enhance our ability to manage our business and deliver services to our customers.  I think you will be impressed.

AcmeAccess is a web based service for our customers to obtain access to all their laboratory related information. While this includes validated data it also includes access to sample and sample submission status tracking, method documentation, audit trails on sample movement, QC/QA statistics and charts, Certified Reference Material certificates and usage, etc. AcmeAccess is actually a smaller component within a much larger system that we use internally to control all sample related work and sample movement. This software system provides detailed control of our sample processing in all laboratories and provides the underlying database that AcmeAccess looks into to obtain information.
This service is an ongoing project so we are continually adding functionality to AcmeAccess.


These three words speak to our vision of Acme Laboratories and our obligation to serve customers and staff. These words help us galvanize our efforts to always do our best and strive for continuous improvement. We really do care about the success of our clients and we will do our very best to serve you beyond your expectations. For this reason, we have recently expanded our client services team to make sure we have the staff available to serve you. Also, we have recently added Lauren Greenlaw to our team of professionals. Lauren is a Geochemist that comes to us from Teck Cominco and is now available to help our customers with technical questions relating to mineralogy and how this may impact specific analytical methods.
I should also say a few words about our personnel. Our goal at Acme is to exceed our customer’s expectations. Our success requires experienced and motivated people. Over the years, Acme has attracted the best people and retained them through a combination of fair employment practices and optional employee ownership. We are a Service business that excels due to the efforts of a team of professionals. Please take a few minutes to review this team in the Personnel section of our website.

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