About BV Minerals

Since inception in 1971, AcmeLabs® has been recognized as one of the leading geochemical and assaying laboratories to geologists and stock exchanges world wide.

Acme started as a family operated private business. For many years Acme remained a small but very successful business. Acme has always been known for innovation and quickly embracing new technology. This, along with a strong commitment to providing analytical methods tailored to exploration geochemistry assured Acme’s success.

Today AcmeLabs has grown into a global business operating with 26 offices in 11 countries. In 2011, AcmeLabs allocated $5.5 million to expand our service capabilities globally.  AcmeLabs was acquired by Bureau Veritas in 2012, further enhancing the global reach of our leading geoanalytical services.

AcmeLabs has developed from a family operated business and later, an employee owned business, through to being an integral part of one of the world’s largest commodities testing & inspection organisations. Throughout, our very high level of personal commitment to our customers, our product and our staff has never wavered. We look forward to continuing to provide this outstanding level of care to our customers as we transition towards full integration with Bureau Veritas, a company that has become synonymous quality professionalism and integrity since 1828.

All of these investments are made so we can serve you better. CARECOMMITMENTPERFORMANCE. We will continue to exceed your expectations.

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