President’s Message April 2010

April 21st, 2010

We are off to a rocky start for 2010. We have had earthquakes in Haiti, Chile, China and now an eruption in Iceland that has shut down air travel over all of Europe. Hmmm, when did that last happen? Well, certainly not in my lifetime.  In my last “Presidents Message” I wrote;

 “Our air travel has become much more onerous and climate change a huge issue for humankind.  The last decade has indeed been a wild ride, but for many, not a fun ride at all.”

I had no idea how applicable this would be to this year!

Lest we begin to think that we humans can exert control over future events, think again. Mother nature is flexing her muscles in 2010!

Our offices in Porto Prince and Santiago were lucky. Our personnel are OK and our operations sustained only minor damage. The news and the public eye has moved on to other events but Haiti and Chile have a long road ahead still, to rebuild and move forward. The cost estimates are only now rolling in. Our hearts go out to all of those affected and hope that they can rebuild their lives as well as their homes.

As I write this, I am on a flight from Santiago, Chile to Sao Paulo, Brazil with our Chairman, John Gravel and Jefe de Sud America, Geoff Woodfield. We have spent the week reviewing operations in Santiago and Mendoza, Argentina. Santiago and Mendoza operations are expanding in response to higher sample flows and to ensure our commitment to provide excellent service.

Following this, we made a quick trip up to Copiapo, Chile to open our new office in Central Chile. Twenty one years ago, Bondar Clegg, whom I worked for then, opened an office in Copiapo so this was a special day for me. Further, our manager for Copiapo today is Rene Marin who also worked for Bondar Clegg at the time. It gives me great confidence that our clients will be well served with Rene in charge. Copiapo will provide much needed additional sample preparation capacity for Chile and provide an increased level of service to our clients.

I was very impressed by the new lab. It is very well designed with all new equipment including Boyd combo’s (crusher with attached rotary splitter) to provide high quality sample preparation. As with all Acme offices, sample preparation is built around our unique AcmeDCU. This Dust Containment Unit is central to the design of the entire operation. The AcmeDCU provides superior passive dust control and noise reduction. This provides three primary benefits. The AcmeDCU provides a safe work environment for our employees with minimal losses of sample material while having the smallest possible environmental footprint. Thank you to all of our clients that attended the open house and to those that could not but send samples to support Acme. If you are in Copiapo, please drop in to see our lab and ask for Rene Marin.

I look forward to seeing our staff and operations in Goiania, Brazil and as many of our clients as we can manage.

Acme have now opened a new sample preparation office in Whitehorse, YT, Canada. The open house for this office is Friday May 14. I hope to see you there!

In Vancouver, the Olympics were a huge success. The new skytrain services worked fabulously and I have never seen so much positive nationalism of all colors.

Our Vancouver lab has completed the addition of new X-Ray Fluorescence instrumentation as well as additional fire assay furnaces for gold analysis and ICP/ICPMS instruments for multielement analysis so we are also ready for the North American Summer season to begin in earnest.

I wish you all the best in your exploration efforts.

As an old boss of mine used to write;

                 “Enuf said and stay safe.”

George Cartwright

President, Acme Laboratories

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